Break through!

Most Diets Fail.

I bet you know that first hand just like I do

But what if there was a nutrition program that actually made weight loss inevitable?

Most Diets Fail.

I bet you know that first hand just like I do

But what if there was a nutrition program that actually made weight loss inevitable?

You work so hard to lose the weight but then can’t sustain it. You end up eventually going back to your old habits, slowly putting the weight back on, and you’re back to where you started…or even worse.

Maybe you’ve gone through periods of thinking“ what’s the point, nothing will work for me.”

And you may have even resigned to being overweight, or convinced yourself that your carrying extra weight is just part of the aging process or your genetics.

The problem is, even if you love and accept yourself at any weight, being in a larger body than is right for you can make you feel frumpy, cause more strain on your joints leading to extra aches and pains, and rob you of your natural energy and good mood.

And then there’s that day when you’re in your closet and nothing fits.

Or your daughter asks you why you are so out of breath after climbing the stairs.

And you snap and just decide that you’re not going to buy another size up of clothes or continue down this path.

Because you’re done feeling horrible that nothing fits or is comfortable. Even your stretchy pants are feeling tight. You decide that you need to get back on track, get motivated, and stop gaining this weight before it gets even worse.

So what do you do?

Maybe you jump back on the latest diet — joining Weight Watchers again, doing what your friend is doing, what you see on Facebook or what’s worked for you in the past.

Or you decide that this time, you’ll just try “being healthier” on your own - eating less and exercising more.

The problem is, none of this works for you.

You feel deprived and unhappy and you don’t make the progress you want with your weight.

It’s so unfair.

Hi, I'm Ti Caudron, PhD, and I make weight loss inevitable

I specialize in working with people who have Sensitive Metabolisms™ just like me, which means we have the most trouble losing weight and keeping it off.

Hi, I'm Ti Caudron, PhD, and I make weight loss inevitable.

I specialize in working with people who have Sensitive Metabolisms™ just like me, which means we have the most trouble losing weight and keeping it off.

Introducing the VitaliTi

Weight Loss Break Through Program

Making weight loss inevitable.

Lose 8-30 lbs in 8-weeks and break free from the habits that keep you overweight so you can regain your confidence and energy and get into momentum to reach your optimal weight.

  • Even if you’re stressed out about the world
  • Even though the holidays are coming
  • Even if you don’t cook
  • Even if you don't exercise

When you join Weight Loss Break Through, you’re also signing up for the support and accountability of the VitaliTi Community.

Because of our unique approach to weight loss, our clients not only lose the weight the first time, their bodies keep it off.

A lot of us are actually experts in nutrition and exercise. You name a diet, we know how to do it, and we can follow it perfectly. And, a lot of us have deep expertise and passion for exercise.

The problem is, because of our Sensitive Metabolisms,™ we suffer more than other people do when we get into bad habits with our eating or exercise routines because it has more of an impact on our weight, energy, mood, or aches and pains than for other people.

This makes it harder for us to get back into momentum when we have gotten off track.

My energy, mood, and focus have all improved while my pain and cravings have decreased. I feel so much better in my skin and I cannot even start to describe how much that is worth to me.

Ti, I am so glad that I found you again. :) Now I’ll be able to look back to this strange year and be able to say, the one good thing that came out of 2020 was that I finally found a way to live a healthy life and feel good with it, feel good with myself.

I intend to stay focused, and stay with the program, even after I reach my dream weight goal, as I try to figure out what the best way for me is to make this my permanent way of eating/living.

“Before I started the VitaliTi Weight Loss Break Through, I was unable to bring some "structure"to my eating habits. My eating was all over the place, really mindless. I can be an emotional eater and really function well when I "control" my eating, but it seemed really hard with everything going on in the world right now.”

Through the VitaliTi Weight Loss Break Through, I found the structure that I needed and followed the system.

In 8 weeks, I lost 22.7 lbs (yippee!) and lost 6 inches around the waist.

I feel like a different person.

- Sigrid, Age 63

My clients have brilliant lives like I bet you do. They have stellar careers, loving families, hobbies and causes that they contribute to, astounding creativity and passion.

And yet, when it comes to living at their optimal weight, this is the one area of their life where they cannot consistently get the control and mastery they need to permanently solve the problem.

After working with over 10,000 people to help them break free from the habits that keep them overweight, tired and foggy, I have developed a proven a system that helps people overcome their Sensitive Metabolisms™ so that they can reach their optimal weight and live fit, free and happy.

The VitaliTi Weight Loss Break Through Helps You Break Through to Permanent Weight Loss Where Diets Fail

At VitaliTi Wellness, we customize your nutrition program to work with your metabolism and natural eating style to make weight loss easier

If you are using your will power every day to try to stay on a diet that makes you feel deprived, it will never work for you long term.

Will power always runs out eventually.

To make a lasting weight loss breakthrough, we customize your eating style to fit your natural preferences so that you feel satisfied and full when you have a meal.

By giving your mind and body the kinds of food that fuel you the best, we turn off the cravings that plague you on other programs.

During the VitaliTi Weight Loss Break Through program, I lost 15 lbs, which was my goal. I have gone down 1 dress size, I have so much less inflammation, and more energy.

I feel good in my body and in my clothes.

Many of my yoga pants are too big now!

I feel more confident that I can maintain this weight loss than I ever have before.

I'm not so obsessed with food. This means I have a chance at feeling good in the future. It gives me the ability to enjoy life more.

When I am free of my unhealthy food habits, my attention can go to other areas of my life and that leaves me more mental space to create my life.

My big why is to have freedom in my relationship to food, hunger, cravings, and have habits and beliefs that support my health longterm.

I'm excited to have the accountability and community around food and health that makes this possible!

- Jennifer Weddle, 43

Professional Bookkeeper and Organizer

The VitaliTi Weight Loss Break Through gets you off the weight loss roller coaster in a way that ordinary diets can never do

When you start to lose weight and fat, your fat cells will shrink which is good news!

But, your fat cells are the toxic waste dump of your body. Fat actually protects your body by keeping inflammatory toxins out of your bloodstream and away from your vital organs.

So when your fat cells shrink, they release the toxins they store into your body, and this creates inflammation if left unchecked.

The result is that even if you are successful at losing weight and fat on a diet, if your body is unable to also remove the toxins that are released, you will end up regaining the fat so your body can recapture the toxins and safely put them back into storage.

Your body knows best and it will keep you at a higher weight if it needs that extra fat to store your toxins.

No ordinary diets will address this issue and so if your body is not handling the toxins that get released when you lose weight, you stay on the weight loss roller coaster and end up eventually gaining back that weight.

At VitaliTi, we use a proprietary detox and cleanse protocol backed by science that leverages the synergistic power of whole, nutritious foods and supplements to support the body’s natural detoxification process.

When you follow this detox protocol periodically, you effectively reset your metabolism, and the weight you lose will not be regained when you simply look at a piece of chocolate cake.

In fact, the Weight Loss Break Through performs a kind of metabolic reset.

When you have weight loss resistance, your metabolism is a kind of like a car where you left the lights on for too long and the battery went dead. So no matter how much high quality gas you use, and how kick ass your car “could be,” it’s just not going to start without giving that battery a jumpstart.

The VitaliTi proprietary detox protocol is that critical jumpstart that your metabolism needs to get your metabolic engine going again so you can lose weight and keep it off.

"After I started the VitaliTi Program, things started to shift. Mentally I felt clear, physically I had more energy, and I wasn't hungry all the time."  

I was feeling very out of control in all my choices. Feeling like I was eating thanksgiving dinner everyday. Eating things I wouldn’t normally eat, I realized exercise and being active in my yard wasn’t enough. I wasn’t too worried about it at first, I was at home sheltering in place not seeing anyone.

I decided I had to stop this behavior because I felt terrible and uncomfortable in my body!! You know it’s a problem when your stretchy pants are tight and every day your weight goes up on the scale and changing the batteries does not change the number… 

When I started the VitaliTi Program, things started to shift. Mentally I felt clear, physically I had more energy, and most of all I wasn’t hungry all the time.

I felt committed to the program right away. I liked being accountable and checking in on the weekly calls. My thought was, “Follow the program and see if it works for you.”

Ti encourages you to think of your body like a science experiment and she teaches a unique method to help you analyze what’s happening. Now I like looking at my body as a science experiment —working the unique numbers that Ti reviews—along with the food. I love Ti’s knowledge, support, and commitment.

With VitaliTi, I have lost 18 pounds and many inches. I like knowing my clothes will fit now. I feel fantastic. I have energy! I’m not hungry all the time and I feel satisfied!! My before and after photo were surprising to me. I realized I’m happy with my body and how I look. I have never been able to say that. In the back of my mind I would think I need to do more.

I love the support and accountability that I get in the VitaliTi programs and being part of the community.

It has changed everything for me. I want to feel this always. No more losing and gaining!!

- Christina F., 53, Hair Salon Owner

We don’t believe you can never eat your favorite foods again

As part of the VitaliTi programs, we teach you our proprietary system that will enable you to create your perfect eating style when the program ends.

Our method allows you to prioritize what is important to you in your eating style.

If being able to drink some wine, eat chocolate or have pizza once a week is important to you, we’ll show you how to create food “experiments” in which your body will teach you what it likes to eat.

Imagine if you knew exactly what your body really wants and what it doesn’t...

How would your life change if you no longer had to use will power to avoid the foods that don’t work for you because your body tells you directly in a way that makes you want to eat the right foods for you?

Just imagine the confidence you would feel if you knew which foods worked best for you. And what would your life be like if you really wanted to eat those healthy foods as much as you want to eat some junky foods now.

Our clients don’t just lose weight, fit into their favorite clothes and feel fantastic...

They completely change their relationship with food and health for life!

“After years of infertility treatments and having three kids in less than 2 years, my body was a mess. I was overweight, tired and moody and felt like I could not get out of my bad cycle. Doing the Vitaliti Weight Loss Program and frequent practice of The Dailey Method unlocked the key for me.

I lost 14 lbs in 5 weeks and got my pre-kids body back, which I thought was gone forever!

No more negative self talk in the morning getting dressed. No more shame when I look in the mirror. I feel empowered, glowing and happy and tremendous gratitude for the gift of this winning combination.

It was a real turning point for me getting my pre-pregnancy body and “me” back and being really transformed.

I think you saved my life.”

My entire relationship with

food and health

is changed for life

-Jackie D., 39

Weight Loss Break Through Program

Making weight loss inevitable.

Lose 8-30 lbs in 8-weeks and break free from the habits that keep you overweight so you can regain your confidence and energy and get into momentum to reach your optimal weight.

  • Even if you’re stressed out about the world
  • Even though the holidays are coming
  • Even if you don’t cook
  • Even if you don't exercise

When you join Weight Loss Break Through, you’re also signing up for the support and accountability of the VitaliTi Community.

Because of our unique approach to weight loss, our clients not only lose the weight the first time, their bodies keep it off.

Your mission...

Should you choose to accept it is to break free from the habits that keep you from reaching your optimal weight and health & lose 8-30 lbs (or 1-2 sizes) in 8 weeks...
so that you feel

healthy and confident

On your road to your optimal weight!

Here’s what you’ll learn inside the

Weight Loss Break Through Program

Weeks 1 - 2

Customized Nutrition Path

In your first two weeks, we'll help you develop a healthy eating style that matches your metabolic type and lifestyle so that it is easy to follow and naturally satisfying.

At the same time, by focusing on nourishing foods and a clear structure, you'll unhook from the irresistible foods that keep you craving the bad stuff.

In two short weeks, you'll start to break free from the habits that were keeping your overweight, tired and foggy and be on your way to feeling better.

Weeks 3 - 5

Reset Your Metabolism with a Science-Backed Liver and Colon Detox

The secret of permanent weight loss is detoxing as you go so that your body can lose fat and inflammation and avoid the weight gain rebound!

Your fat cells are the landfills of the body. They safely store toxins away from your vital organs. If you lose weight and don’t detox, then as your fat cells shrink, those toxins get loose and create inflammation. This inflammation leaves you feeling foggy, grumpy, and hungry and your body will end up regaining the weight quickly to safely pack the toxins into storage again.

In the Weight Loss Break Through, we teach you our unique, science backed detoxification protocol using whole foods and supplements, so that you can detox while you lose fat. This will help you have glowing skin, increase your energy, keep you focused, and allow you to lose weight without regaining it!

By the end of this phase, most people start noticing a big increase in clarity and energy, a significant decrease in their cravings, and a clear sense of well being.

Week 6

12 Month Road Mapping

Week 6 is the week before Thanksgiving, so this class offers an opportunity to learn how to have a healthy and delicious holiday. We will help you create a plan for the holiday that allows you to enjoy what is most important to you during the holidays and also enables you to continue to progress towards your weight loss and health goals. To achieve permanent weight loss, you have to learn how to navigate special occasions so this gives us an opportunity to give you direct strategies and to support you during the time of year most people gain 5-8 lbs. We also start creating a 12-month Permanent Weight Loss Roadmap so that your mindset shifts away from a dieting mentality toward a long term healthy lifestyle that you can sustain.

Week 7

Experimentation Review

One of the master skills for permanent weight loss is the ability to splurge and then get right back on your healthy eating program. We have the benefit of Thanksgiving in the middle of our program which gives you the opportunity to experiment with having a few chosen splurges and then developing the mindset to get right back on program. It’s not the Thanksgiving meal that’s the problem, it’s the 10pm turkey sandwich or pie for breakfast that creates the ongoing issues. We’ll circumvent that and teach you our signature strategy of “Customizing Your Perfect Diet” so you naturally want to eat what works best for you. 

Week 8


Learn how to integrate everything that you've learned into your lifestyle and how to set yourself up to continue towards permanent weight loss. And, we'll help you figure out what the next step is along your path so that you can continue to reach your natural weight or live fit, free and happy at your goal!

Here's What Else You're Getting

Eight 75-Minute Live Trainings with Ti

  • Stay on track with your goals with weekly assessments and live training calls that address the current week’s curriculum and also celebrate successes, answer your questions, and offer hands-on support in meeting your challenges.
  • Participate in Ti’s motivating, amusing, and inspiring training each week so that you have the clarity, accountability, and structure needed to keep you on track and motivated.
  • Get re-inspired by Ti’s positive spirit and the VitaliTi community’s warm, non-judgmental support when your own commitment may be lagging.
  • Learn from any mistakes in this judgment-free support zone and get back on track quickly without going through a shame spiral.
  • Listen to recorded videos to catch up on anything that you miss or to review materials for greater clarity so that the learning works for you on your schedule.

Live Trainings with Ti can change your life. Her warm, supportive program gives participants personal attention in setting and meeting health goals tailored to their circumstances. Her nutrition-forward program that focuses on the enjoyment of food rather than on deprivation. It teaches a new way of eating that is also a new way of life. Science-based and fine-tuned through experience with thousands of clients, Ti’s program helps each client feel their best and meet each day with positive energy, fewer nagging health problems, and the enthusiasm to tackle new eating challenges. Whatever your goal, Ti and the VitatiTi community support your success, even when everything else you have tried has failed. It’s almost like magic, except that you achieve your goals through your own efforts.

Meta Z., Washington, DC, Age 73

What works really well for me is the weekly questionnaire you have us fill out. It gives me time in my own home to self-evaluate what I have done over the course of a week, how I feel about it and it also helps me recommit to my goals.

Then following up with the calls, is like another layer. Reviewing what the previous week’s goals were, how I did, and sharing successes and challenges. I learn so much from others during this time.

And I don’t feel so alone in my journey.

This weekly reinforcement of goals and the tools you give us helps me integrate the program into my daily life and keep me from slipping.

Holly, Age 53

Bonus Material

Recipe Inspiration


Menu Ideas

Monday, October 12

We want to help you hit the ground running, so we’ve added a Live Bonus Class with Ti and some of the VitaliTi Super Stars on the best practices for how to prepare and stock your pantry, fridge, and freezer; some recipe inspiration; and our favorite tried and true menu ideas.

The best part is that you do not have to be a cook to be successful on the Weight Loss Break Through.

If you prefer to have “easy buttons” and simpler ideas, we’ve got you covered.

If you love to cook and want to create some delicious, healthy options, we’ll give you tips and recipes to do that!

Assemble, blend, or cook your way to success!

Gut Restore

Ignore gut health and you will not achieve the long term health that you really want! In these recorded trainings, you'll learn how to eat to restore gut health and which supplements are helpful and which are not.

This will allow you to continue to:

  • Restore your energy
  • Improve your mental clarity
  • Improve your mood

As you learn to improve your digestion, nourish your gut, and stop doing things which damage the gut, you'll start to eliminate any of those frustrating symptoms of poor gut health like bloating, gas and burping.

After going through the

Weight Loss Break Through Program you'll...

  • Know exactly what eating style works best for you so that you don’t feel deprived when you eat, making it easy to lose weight
  • Tap into the natural chemistry of motivation and create the mindset and structure that keeps you excited and on track to achieve your goals for your health and weight loss
  • Learn how to create a hormonally balanced meal that leaves you feeling satisfied, energized and clear after you eat and keeps you full for 4-6 hours
  • Learn how to apply the cutting edge science behind detoxification which will enable to you reset your metabolism and overcome any weight loss resistance
  • Eliminate your cravings so that you feel in control of your food choices and confident that you can be successful with your eating long term
  • Go through Thanksgiving with a plan to both enjoy and stay on the path to your optimal health and weight giving you a new blueprint for how to navigate special occasions without backsliding 
  • Apply the VitaliTi signature method to “Customize Your Perfect Diet™,” and learn a system that helps you choose which treats and foods you can include in your eating style and which rob you of your energy, vitality and optimal weight, making it easy for you to want to eat what works best for your body

*These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA

100% Money-Back Guarantee if you don’t lose 8-30 lbs or 1-2 clothing sizes in 8 weeks*

Because the VitaliTi Weight Loss Break Through gets results, we’re willing to take all the risk and let you do the program, attend the group coaching calls and do the program risk free. 

*By the end of the 8 weeks, If you attend all the weekly live coaching calls, follow the program, keep a food journal, and ask for help if you get stuck, we guarantee that you will lose 8-30 lbs or 1-2 clothing sizes in 8 weeks or your money back.

Imagine if this was the last time you ever had to lose this weight.

How would your life change if this program put you on the path to your optimal weight (like it has for so many thousands of people before you) in a way that changed your relationship with food, your body and your health forever…

What would you do

You don’t have ….

What would it be worth to you to have your health transform?

I have lost 32lbs since starting with VitaliTi in May, 7 inches on my waist, and 3 inches on my chest. This has resulted in going down 2 pants sizes and down 2 shirt size.Before I started, I was huffing and puffing to walk at all. Now, I walk and run 5 miles per day 6x weekly.

Before starting with Vitaliti, my doctor threatened to put me back on Insulin and increase the dosages of my medication. I was already on 5 medications including a daily narcotic for painful neuropathy in my feet.

I have no real pain like before and I'm seeing my medical numbers improve daily.

My A1c for diabetes has decreased from 9.6 to under 6.0 just in the last 3 months which has enabled my doctor to take me off four drugs! I’ll be going off the remaining two next month if I keep up what I’ve been doing (which I will!) 

Since I have no cravings now, it’s easy to control my meals andI don’t even want the foods that are not good for me.

I feel like a new person

I actually look forward to mornings when I get to walk now running half of those miles as I train for a 5k. Inflammation in my ankles has decreased, spots on my back are going away and I sleep so much better now. I’m now able to handle more stress and even stay on plan. This plan has been great for me and I still have more to go.

I think this will be pretty easy for me to stay on as long as I stay in the VitaliTi Community and stay focused.

-Marvin Corr, 55

Will it work online?

How fun and supportive the Zoom element turned out to be, plus all the sharing on the great Facebook group that Ti set up, with the very useful topic index.

Meta Zebot

It helped me get out of my bad habits and gave mea reset to achieve my goal.


I was introduced to VitaliTi years ago and I was very successful. I stopped when classes were not offered in my area. Zoom has been a great option along with the tanita scale, I can follow the program, feel connected, and it works perfectly!!

Christina F.

Convenient Times (multiple) and the opportunity to share successes and failures...There is always something to be learned from both positive and not so positive experiences. If you keep an open mind positivity always seeps in!!!


LOVE the online chats/meetings - MUCH better for me then in-person and I can weigh myself on my own Tanita scale and check in.

Nancy M.

I’m at 128.6 as of this morning and am so psyched.

Energy, mental clarity and health markers have improved and I feel much closer to my partner following our shared experience in the program.

In contrast I’ve had considerable decreases in stress and cravings and few so much more in control!

I would say it was certainly

worth the financial investment.

I would say it was certainly worth the financial investment.

Most notably, I feel better about myself, as I walk through this crazy unpredictable world we are living in at the moment.

My biggest realization is I need support, it s not meant to be a solo journey.

I have achieved the success I've had so far because of the personal support I've gotten.

-Clennita Justice, Age 56,
Engineering Program Manager at Google

It is quick and easy. I don't spend so much time cooking each night. Breakfast is the easiest time... I usually have a shake.

Jackie, 39

The change is my mental state, how I see food now.Lessons I’ve learned that I want to carry on. Losing weight.


I can't cook

My favorite part was being able to explore new dishes and recipes that actually are healthy and knowing what I am putting into my body

Tara, 21

I feel 100% times better than I did prior to starting the programs! My skin is better, I have less pain, I have ZERO craving and I am not hungry. My body just seems happier.

When the pandemic hit, I started gaining weight pretty quickly and reached out to Ti. I was 188 lbs then and going in the WRONG direction! I felt out of control, unmotivated, uncomfortable in my clothes and in my skin.

My cravings were crazy and I fed them without a thought. I was also drinking quite a bit.

I was not sleeping, my skin looked terrible, my dermatitis was out of control, I was achy all over and yeah, just a hot mess!

When I started back with Ti in May of this year she had just put out an audio book that was all about mindset. This has helped me a great deal. Because we CAN control our mindset even when the rest of the world is in chaos.

I used to say "I am trying to lose weight" or "I am working on losing weight. None of that worked for my brain because it gave me too much wiggle room to give myself "treats"on special occasions or when I was "stressed". So I changed my mindset to be "I will lose weight and get to 133 pounds NO MATTER WHAT!" That is a powerful statement and that is my goal and that gives me zero wiggle room to sabotage dreams! That was it, I changed my mindset and I was all in committed 100%.

I have lost a total of 32 lbs in 4 months during quarantine and 47 lbs overall in the VitaliTi Programs. 

I love looking in the mirror

I love seeing a smaller me looking back! I feel comfortable in my clothes and my skin!

One of the big things I have always just lived with is pain. It is not gone completely but 

there is a significant decrease in the amount of daily pain I experience. My lower back has ALWAYS been an issue. I rarely have flareups now. The pain seems to have just slowly gone away with the weight loss. 

Also, I am not experiencing any dermatitis breakouts anymore. NONE!!!

Mostly in the past I have tried to use my own will power with dietary restrictions.

The one time I was really successful with my weight loss, my food was so boring that after a year of eating nothing but chicken breasts and steamed broccoli, I totally lost interest. I couldn't sustain that way of eating.

Vitaliti works because it is customized to me, and I am learning how to eat for my body's specific nutritional needs. 

My food is not boring at all, in fact I am able to experiment and feed my need to create wonderful things to eat.

The other reason why this works really well is because the community is amazing.

This is a judgement free zone and I have never been this comfortable in a group of strangers before like I am here.

My nutrition following the VitaliTi Program seems to be what is grounding me right now. The world outside my window is pretty grim and keeping healthy is important tome because it keeps my mind going in a positive direction.

This has been the only program that has worked for me.

I highly recommend it.

-Holly, Age 53

I am so happy I am not doing this alone.

Even though I am not at my ultimate goal yet, I know that I will be there soon enough and I feel GREAT!I have the support of the community to root me on and the accountability to help me get there.

Weight Loss Break Through Program

Making weight loss inevitable.

Lose 8-30 lbs in 8-weeks and break free from the habits that keep you overweight so you can regain your confidence and energy and get into momentum to reach your optimal weight.

  • Even if you’re stressed out about the world
  • Even though the holidays are coming
  • Even if you don’t cook
  • Even if you don't exercise

When you join Weight Loss Break Through, you’re signing up for the support and accountability of the VitaliTi Community

Because of our unique approach to weight loss, our clients not only lose the weight the first time, their bodies keep it off.

The weight loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical. Every testimonial on this website is from a real client who went through our VitaliTi nutrition programs. No one was paid for a testimonial or endorsement. Before and after photos were not retouched or altered. Results (weight, body fat percentage, circumference measurements, etc) were self-reported. Typical weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds per week when someone consistently practices healthy eating and activity levels. If one does not practice healthy eating and have activity level, no results should be expected. Results may vary from person to person based on body size and other factors.