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Food Inflammation Test (FIT)

The Food Inflammation Test (FIT) is the definitive short cut to what to eat and what not to eat right now to reduce any type of inflammatory reaction that you might be getting from your diet. By testing 132 different foods, emulsifiers, food additives, and chemicals in one test (click here for the list), you will get back information that will give you and your family immediate, actionable information.

The FIT Test measures delayed food sensitivities which means you may have symptoms that seem very unrelated to what you have eaten in both the timing and the types of symptoms. The delay in symptoms together with the additive nature of food sensitivities makes it very hard to identify the specific culprits on your own. Because the FIT Test evaluates each item with a sensitivity scale, you’ll find out the specific food items to which you have small and large reactions.

Symptoms of inflammation from your diet include a variety of GI symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating, alternating diarrhea or constipation, burping or burning as well as seemingly unrelated symptoms like fatigue, “brain fog,” headaches, joint and muscle pain, mood issues, food cravings, weight gain or difficulty losing weight, unexplained weight loss, skin problems and much more. Furthermore, having many food sensitivities and chronic inflammation creates a gateway to many inflammatory and autoimmune related diseases.

The (FIT) Test uses a patented multi pathway delayed food sensitivity test to measure the response of the delayed adaptive immune system (testing all 4 levels of the IgG pathway) and the innate immune system (testing C compliment immune complexes) to 132 different foods, emulsifiers, food additives, and chemicals (click here for the list).

Furthermore, by adding the Zonulin marker, you can also get a diagnostic marker for the permeability of your intestinal lining – a very important clinical marker for autoimmune conditions, diabetes, and obesity as well as for people who have symptoms that are difficult to diagnose.

Zonulin Marker (can be added on to the FIT or GI-MAP)

“The Gut is not like Las Vegas. What happens in the gut does not stay in the gut.”

– Alessio Fasano, MD, Chief of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition at MassGeneral; first identified the protein Zonulin

Zonulin, a protein first discovered by Alessio Fasano, MD and his team in 2000, acts as a key to open the doors between the cells that line the digestive tract creating openings through which large particles can pass through. The doors between the cells of the intestinal lining are almost always closed to form a barrier. But when our bodies make higher amounts of zonulin, zonulin will open the doors between the cells creating a “breach” in the wall. While the doors are opened, molecules from the environment, including bacteria, toxins, what you have eaten, etc. can sneak into the body and trigger an autoimmune response.

The recipe to develop an autoimmune condition requires three ingredients: you have to be genetically predisposed, you have to have an environmental factor that causes an immune response, and you have to have a breach of the gastrointestinal barrier (doors open).

Zonulin is extremely important in a lot of illness, from Type 1 diabetes to other autoimmune diseases. Scientists are now able to link many illnesses back to loss of barrier function in the gut (A. Fasano). Recent studies even show that higher levels of zonulin are associated with higher waist circumference, diastolic blood pressure, fasting glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides and increased risk of metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.


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