[CNN] Nutrition during Covid Chaos (Part 1 of 7)

July 3, 2020


How are you holding up?

All of us are going through a period of uncertainty like nothing we have experienced before.

I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how I can help...

In our VitaliTi nutrition community, people are feeling insecure as things are opening up while the coronavirus is still stalking us.

They are asking,

“How can I protect myself and my family during this stressful time?”

In our Zoom classes and online support communities, we’ve noticed that there’s a silver bullet that is uniformly helping everyone who is able to apply it.  

It’s simple but not easy.

People who have shifted their perspective from feeling overwhelmed and anxious to asking themselves, “What’s one small area in myself that I can control today?” are getting unusual rewards.

The benefits are much bigger than you might believe possible.

(There’s great neuroscience behind the reason why this is so, but I'll save that for the next email--so keep an eye out for it…)

And people who can’t apply the the one small thing technique (for reasons that I will get to) are not getting the same benefits initially.

But, there is a workaround!

You might be wondering,

“But, Ti, why do some people have trouble making one small change? That sounds so easy.”

For people who can’t apply the one small thing technique, it's because that particular small thing requires too much start up energy.

The amount of energy required to do that one small thing feels like the kind of energy required to break out of the earth’s gravitational field.

And that’s a lot of energy!

In fact, that much energy is called Escape Velocity.

When it comes to healthy nutrition, some people have to use a lot of start up energy to make that one small change. And some people don’t.

A lot of start up energy.

While they have to struggle to escape the earth’s gravitational pull, they see other people who seem to be floating on air instead, just slipping out of the gravitational field, easy peasy.

Not fair, right?

I have some good news for you if you think you might be in the group that requires a lot of start up energy to make nutritional changes.

I’ve spent the past 15 years helping people who need a lot of start up energy to make nutritional changes BECOME the people who float on air so that it's so easy peasy for them too!

Is that something you might want to know more about?

I work my best magic with people who have certain metabolic types.

And to help you figure out your metabolic type, we developed a short, 2-minute, multiple choice quiz that assesses your answers and identifies your type.

I think you'll find it fun to take and informative. 😊

If you have a metabolic type like mine, you’re in luck because I have cracked the code.

Once you've taken the quiz, leave a comment under this post with your metabolic type so I can share the next step with you.

If you leave a comment but you are not my metabolic type, I have some ideas for you as well, so don’t worry.

But I have the MAGIC BEANS for people who ARE my metabolic type and who struggle to start up.

So take the quiz now.

Your “Code Cracker Coach”

Wonder what [CNN] stands for? I’ll tell you in my next post…

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